Our Growlers

Growlers are a great way to purchase fresh beer for personal use. They are the ultimate in sustainable containers, since you can bring them back to the brewery for refills. We sell two different size growlers:

  • 64 fl. oz. (4 pints) for $10
  • 32 fl. oz. (2 pints) for $6

The cost of filling the growler depends on the type of beer, but in general it will cost from $8-20.

Working Man Brewing Growler Policy

We are happy to fill both our own branded growlers and "outside" growlers (from another brewery). Before you bring your growler in to us to have it filled, please:

  • Empty and clean out the growler. We will not fill any growler that has old beer or something worse still in it.
  • If it is an outside growler, please cover the logo, name and any other information of the other brewery that is on the growler. Whatever you cover it with must pass the “not readily removable by the consumer” test.

In October 2013 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill No. 647 into law. There has been much discussion, expectation, and misinformation about this bill. Since this new law affects us at WMBC and our customers, we have crafted a revised growler policy to help match the provisions and clarifications provided in AB 647.  This article explains what happened and didn't happen with this new law.

We reserve the right to refuse to fill any growler for any reason.